When you go to the Registrar

Things To Take With You

The Medical Certificate of the cause of death
The Deceased’s Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate
The Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate contain all the information required by the Registrar.

The Registrar Requires The Following Details

Full Name of the Deceased
Home Address
Date and Place of Death
Date and Place of Birth
Last Occupation
Date of Birth of Surviving Partner
Whether the Deceased was in Receipt of a Pension or Allowance from Public Funds

If the Deceased was a married woman

Maiden Name
Husband’s Full Name (even if deceased)
Husband’s Last Occupation (even if deceased)

From the Informant

Full Name of Informant
Home Address

The Registrar Will Give You

A Green Certificate – which must be handed to the funeral director so that the funeral can take place
A White Certificate – this is for social security purposes

The Registrar Will SELL You Copies of the Death Certificate

You may need these for:

The Will
Any Pension Claims
Insurance Policies
Savings Bank Certificates
Premium Bonds

Kent Registration Service appointment details are available Here


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